April/May GOT Review


A little change up from the standard music review. Mainly because I’ve been completely consumed by Game of Thrones and it deserves its own post. I’ll probably do an April/May/June music review later on but for now, let’s focus on the ending of one of the greatest TV shows of all time.

I’ve watched all of Season 8 and have gotten over the mourning. First of all RIP Khaleesi. The only queen that’s ever mattered to me and she’s gone, carried away in the claws of Drogon. It was coming, even before the season started I was expecting it. It doesn’t make it hurt any less though.

No character has had it as rough as Daenerys did this season with the loss of her besties, complete isolation from her allies and the rejection of everything she ever wanted. People lost it when she burnt Kings Landing to the ground but, as brutal as it was, I don’t blame her. It wasn’t out of character, a Targaeryan alone in the world is a terrible thing after all. If I was in GOT, I would have followed you to the end Khaleesi, but honestly, I would have been sipping wine in the Dornish sunshine for the better part of a decade.

Moving on, Jon Snow you are a snake. That’s pretty much all I have to say about you. I’m done with you. You’ve accomplished absolutely nothing other than rinsed a foreign girl for her army and her love, as well as gotten a nice dragon ride out of it. I hope you become a moody white walker and cry ice tears for eternity.

Okay, moan over, real talk now. Bran becoming king hit me a bit out of the blue but looking back, he was always going to win Game of Thrones. He’s magic for goodness sake. Daenerys made 3 dragons in season 1 but since then everyone else had been rather human. Bran can see basically see almost anything in the past, present and future whenever he wants. You can’t fight that. If we’re supposedly in a much more advanced society and can’t stop Facebook ruling our lives then how are a bunch of drunk medieval idiots going to defend against Bran.

I understand how Bran makes the best King, how he knows the history of humanity and is unsnakeable because he can always see people making moves against him. But Westeros has essentially established a state of surveillance where privacy no longer exists because the King can see you. He is basically a God, which is a fair enough claim to be a king. However, I can’t help but feel that the people of Westeros might prefer someone who can defend them with Dragons rather than someone who could simply tell you of your impending doom a few years before it happens.

I still resent everyone for making Daenerys go mad, especially all the northerners who couldn’t appreciate how much she sacrificed to save them. So rude, especially Sansa. I still rate Arya for slaying the Nightking and just being the baddest baddass to hit our screens.

The Starks stuck together though and that’s why they survived. That’s why they won Game of Thrones and this is where I guess the most satisfaction comes from this ending. This whole family got completely ruined and ripped apart in the first season. All the abuse they’ve all faced, the running and the hopelessness of being alone and powerless in the world. They ended up reuniting and working as a family, taking back everything that was taken from them and more.

Here is the key difference between the Starks and Daenerys. She never had anyone other than her advisers and most of them got killed. If Jon had chosen to be a Targaryen first then maybe things would be different. However, despite being a bastard, Arya, Sansa and Bra treated him like a brother. Daenerys always wanted the seven kingdoms but her goal was never related to being with a family. She got the throne but lost it because everyone who mattered saw her as an outsider.

The Starks aim, especially once they were reunited, seemed like it was always to protect their family. Having enough life experience, they knew that the best way to do it was to get a Stark on the throne one way or another. They ended up getting Bran ruling 6 kingdoms, Sansa ruling the North, Jon basically ruling north of the wall and Arya going to conquer whatever is west of Westeros.

It would be interesting to look through the scripts and dialogue to see if Daenerys says ‘family’ over season 8. I’m more than certain the Starks said it plenty of times and I think that this is what the message of this show has always been about. At times it seemed like a nihilistic tirade on the powerful always trampling over the weak and how that will never end. However, at the end of the day, I think I can accept an ending where a throne can’t give anyone a family, but a family can get anyone the throne.

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