AV Campaign | Intro

So welcome to AV Campaign!

This is my series on my favourite music videos/films that have been released with albums. Some might be narratives that span across multiple music videos, some might be whole films in themselves and some might just be outright brilliant but the whole theme is based on innovation and originality in music videos in a single promo campaign.

I don’t think I really listened to music very when I was growing up. I did however watch a lot of music on TV and YouTube. The videos I watched not only shaped my musical tastes and preferences, but also my culture.

This is why I initially wanted to start this blog about the music videos I grew up watching and why it had such an impact on me. However, plenty of artists in the latter half of the 20th century up to now have pushed the boundaries of how music can be visualised in the forms of visual albums and feature length music films. Music videos have been produced with astronomical budgets but the costs of production have dramatically reduced in the 21st century and independent artists now have an opportunity to push boundaries at a lower cost. Also, over the past decade, the ways in which these videos are consumed have completely transformed as well, let alone since the first music videos were made. Platforms like YouTube offer direct channel between the artist and the audience in a form that can easily be shared between the audience.

The visualisation of culture and its ability to convey messages and stories beyond the record alone has it’s impact on the consumer, industry and society. This is the first post in a series of case studies of music videos, music films and marketing campaigns for albums with the goal of establishing the different effects visuals can have on the success and perception of music.


Song sign off is gonna be my first campaign of the series. Those who know me already know what it’s gonna be…

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