2018 Around The World! Spotify Wrapped & More ^.^

Thats another one over so we gonna wrap up 2018 with a trip around the world!

Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 17.27.04.png

We hit up 99 cities across the world with the Blurred Lights EP so we’ll take a look at the places where I wish I could be for the New Year!

Fortaleza, Brazil


Olá Brasilia! Damn I wish I was here hitting the beach and the food and living my best life in the sunshine. My first streams in South America were from here and I have always dreamed of going to Brazil. 110% I will get there one day, se eu te pego!

Baltimore!!! Yessir.


Aaaaaaaahhhhh we in the playoffs baby!!! As a massive lifelong Baltimore Ravens (American Football) fan with a lot of my family here I would have loved to be there with you all celebrating last nights MASSIVE win! Last year I stayed up New Years Eve to watch the game against the Bengals to see them lose in the last 12 seconds so got some big time retribution now. Big love to all the friends and family support out there, it will always be my American home and I miss you and the crab cakes and generally Americans telling me how much they love my accent!

Pennsylvania, USA

TrashmanRight next to Baltimore and Maryland we got the state of Pennsylvania and some big love from this state! Shout out to fans in Punxsutawney, Philly and even Pittsburgh. (please don’t desert me cos I’m a Ravens fan!) I love PA cos

  1. We always spend time and visit there before we drop by Baltimore
  2. Tax free clothes and shoes plus outlets and massive malls god damn I spent $$$ here when I came to visit this year.
  3. I won’t ever forget the love you been sending to keep it strong!

Toronto, Canada



Just maybe…

My favourite city in the world O.o

Canadian friendliness is real, I literally saw someone drop a gold bracelet and someone pick it up and run across the road to give it back. Plus the record stores, the culture and the all of the city I saw just felt like it could be home someday and would love to go back ASAP!

London, UK

london.jpgOf course we gonna be hitting London cos that’s where half the XYL at! So grateful to the crew for doing what you do helping me get the projects through. Big love to Ben Duncan, Adam Ayadi, Hattie Jackson, Tereza Duskova for your amazing work with Blurred Lights and of course Melo and Dan, I’ll be visiting soon and we gonna get some new tracks down!

New Years resolution, move to London…? 😉


Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 13.05.29.pngLoving the eastern streams from India! Spotify isn’t actually available in India yet but we got a massive response on Facebook with the Anything video, which ended up with over 18k views, 900+ likes and lots of love so thank you everyone, this the land of my heritage so I always got at least one eye on you! From Gujarat to Manipur I really appreciate the support and for those looking for great Indian hip-hop, check out Tienas and Azadi Records who all had a huge 2018!

Jakarta, Indonesia

Bali.jpgAfter India we had most of our attention from Indonesia and when I was younger, we used to have Indonesian Gamelan come into school and it was always amazing. I’ve been learning more about Indonesian culture, there is an amazing Hindu traditional dance in Indonesia called Topeng that looks amazing so would love to visit!

Indonesia is currently dealing with an awful Tsunami in the Sunda Strait so I hope if any of you are reading this that you haven’t been affected and are okay! There’s a link below for more information and donations.


Auckland, New Zealand

new-zealand-2550404_960_720We had a few spots down under but Auckland gave us big love when Anything dropped. Before it popped in India most of our views were coming from here. Maybe it was the big hill giving Middle Earth kinda vibes but I’m glad you were feeling it! New Zealand and Australia are soo far from UK, I will make my way  one day but I’m afraid it might take a while 😥

You’ll be getting New Year early so it’s already 2019 now for you guys so I hope you all have a great one!

Brighton, UK


Of course I couldn’t forget Brighton (and Worthing!) and all the friends here for being the foundation of everything I’ve achieved. You know who you are and couldn’t have done any of it without you all. Two films and a 7 track EP is definitely the most I’ve been able to produce in my life and I’ve been so blessed to work with amazing teams here. Can’t wait for the New Year with the crew tonight!



So it’s been a pretty awesome year, got my degree, made some films, some clothes, oh and some music as well! Managed to get heard in all these incredible places and more and I can’t wait to see what next year brings. Straight up I’m gonna say I’m not expecting to be putting out as many films and tracks in 2019, but should have some amazing apparel I’ve been designing with Sami from the Anything video, some new singles with it and some collabs alongside some performances with my awesome band! Also maybe a Superbowl for the Ravens but one thing at a time. 😛

Thank you everyone! ❤ ^.^

Around the world around the world. Around the world around the world/Work it, make it, do it, makes us. Harder, better, faster, stronger.

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